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Why am I doing this? - Mostly because I enjoy it. Having a large network to provide service for gives me an excuse to own an excessive amount of servers. It also allows me to assist members of the network with computer issues remotely, and prevent them from happening with advanced monitoring tools and Windows policies

What is the benifit of being connected to the network? - Free copy of Enterprise Windows for any computer, Free tech support, Free access to a giant TV Show and Movie library, fully encrypted and invisible from your ISP, Security policies enabled to prevent malicious software and websites from infecting your PC, Much more I can't remember

What security policies are in effect? - All internet traffic is filtered by one of the DNS servers on the network, these servers automatically block out malicious websites that have been known to distribute malware or adware. No non-malicious traffic is filtered or logged. It is not my job or interest to restrict what you do you your computer, only known malicious websites are blocked. If you encounter a block page and you feel the website should be unblocked, send me an email and I will unblock it. Windows based computers also have policies to prevent software from running in directories commonly used by viruses as an entry point.

How does the TV Show repository work? - Once a TV series is added to the repository it is permentantly available at all locations. All new episodes are automatically downloaded when available. Episode avaliability is dependant on the series popularity, and can range from shortly after a show airs, up to a week or two later. Most episodes are added within 24 hours of the air time.

How does the Movie repository work? - Once a movie is added to the repository it is permentantly available at all locations. New popular movies are downloaded when available. If you would like a specific movie please make a request.